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Center City Congress Heights Site

Looking Back

Last school year the young men of Congress Heights learned graphic design and animation. This school year the young men have learned robotics and competed in two First Lego League robotics tournaments (see the team in action below).

Happening Now

Recently the young men began a documentary photography class. They will learn how to use various cameras to photograph, edit and create a documentary based project.

Book Club

In January Jeronique began hosting a 3rd/4th grade “Knights Pack” book club. The young men are reading and being introduced to books filled with colorful characters, storylines and authors.

What's Next?

Our plan is to bring in a drawing coach to begin Comic Book Creation in May. The boys will work with the coach, in groups, to create Comics.

Garfield Elementary

From September to December 2018, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade scholars developed robotics projects. Their objective was to identify and research the necessary resources (i.e., water and oxygen ) for a moon base and its colonists. Last year’s scholars created stop motion animations.

Garfield’s Boys Current Activities

In January, Garfield’s 3rd graders were separated from its 4th and 5th graders. The 3rd graders are being exposed to Biology and Chemistry.

The 4th and 5th grade boys are learning Video Game Design and creating their own video games. These games will be displayed on the College Tribe website by the end of March.

Stanton Elementary

What the Stanton Kings Have Done?

Last school year the Stanton Kings worked with College Tribe to learn Robotics, Animation and a little Electrical Engineering.

What the Stanton Boys are Doing Now?

Starting in November of 2018 the Stanton Kings have been learning Video Game Design with the goal of making their own video games. First they had to learn the basics of coding then are now in the process of creating their own video games.

What’s Next at Stanton?

The Kings will start doing Comic Book Creation at the end of March. The boys will work in groups to create Comics..

Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School

We are entering our third year at Saint Francis. We have worked exclusively with Saint Francis middle schoolers. Over the lat two years we have taught: Robotics, Animation, and Game Design. This year we are starting out with Music Engineering.