Camp Registration
June 29 to August 7
9am to 4pm  $45
Before and After care  $25 a week
Covenant Baptist Church, 3845 South Capitol Street SW
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College Tribe is Black men mentoring Black boys through STEM education. Mentors and mentees are together three days a month engaging in STEM projects like robotics, chess, public speaking, learning how to use Microsoft Word, and field trips across the DC area. Our mission is to cultivate the character, scholarship, and social capital of 3rd-8th grade Black boys in Washington, DC. Join us!

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College Tribe

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Think Black Boys Face a Rough Road to College? Try Being a Black Girl

Black girls' resilience should not be a justification for ignoring their needs.

Jun 18th 1:19pm • No Comments

At our STEM Camp this year the Alphas (3rd to 5th graders) will be making and marketing games for IPhones and the Omegas (6th to 8th) graders will be making "Gameboys" using 3D printing and Raspberry Pi technology.

We are doing incredible trips like visiting the US Coast Guard Facilities in Baltimore, UDC's school of Architecture, the TechnShop in VA and of course Great Waves Water Park

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