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College Tribe is Black men mentoring Black boys through STEM education. Mentors and mentees are together three days a month engaging in STEM projects like robotics, chess, public speaking, learning how to use Microsoft Word, and field trips across the DC area. Our mission is to cultivate the character, scholarship, and social capital of 3rd-8th grade Black boys in Washington, DC. Join us!

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College Tribe

Today at Spring Break mini camp. Juliet Crowell, Education Officer on the Joidas Resolution spent the day with the Nerd Night boys working a research ship drilling into the ocean floor. The boys were able to video chat with the ship, which is in the Arabian Sea.

Apr 16th 1:47pm • 2 Comments

College Tribe shared a link.

The Great Math Mystery

Is math invented by humans, or is it the language of the universe?

Apr 15th 9:31pm • No Comments