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College Tribe is Black men mentoring Black boys through STEM education. Mentors and mentees are together three days a month engaging in STEM projects like robotics, chess, public speaking, learning how to use Microsoft Word, and field trips across the DC area. Our mission is to cultivate the character, scholarship, and social capital of 3rd-8th grade Black boys in Washington, DC. Join us!

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College Tribe

College Tribe likes a status.

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Our Real Work

The decision not to charge Darren Wilson with the murder of Michael Brown while not surprising is still deeply painful. What I've told my son and what we tell the boys of College Tribe is the best defense against racism is education. I do believe this. I also believe it is racism that informs police around the country to shoot and kill unarmed black boys and men; it is racism that restricts opportunity for people of color in this country; and racism creates the need for College Tribe and organizations like ours.

Racism clearly exists and persists and the need to prepare black boys for what they face and will face persists. We have a strategic plan, outcomes, inputs, outputs, objectives and goals, but our REAL work is preparing black boys to succeed in the face of aggression.

Nov 25th 2:41pm • 2 Comments

College Tribe Renaissance Tech Robotics Team won first place in CoreValues today Friendship High School. Congrats to the team and their coach Mr. Wilborn

Nov 22nd 5:06pm • 4 Comments