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College Tribe is a youth development organization that uses STEAM education to provide hands-on learning opportunities to 3rd to 8th grade boys in Ward 7 and 8.

we develop character through mentorship, high-impact tutoring and supplemental STREAM education.


Computer Engineering

Programming and computer science, with plenty of exercise for curiosity and imagination

Solar Energy

Injecting fun into conversations about solar energy with some hands on games and experiments for kids.

Electrical Engineering

Tutorials explaining how to do simple electrical engineering activities for kids with hands-on and fun.


Broaden skills with hands-on creativity, problem solving, communication, and teamwork.

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What can we help you learn today?

College Tribe STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Math) education classes address the need for young people to think logically and critically.


Practice your coding! In this intermediate course, students will learn more difficult subjects in coding such as creating functions and will be solving more difficult prompts.

Video Game Design

Gaming is a staple of many kids’ childhoods, but have you ever wondered how these games provide so many hours of entertainment?


Learn the ins and outs of one of history’s oldest games: Chess! In this chess course, students will be learning the fundamentals of the game, functions of each piece, and basic strategies.


Robots are the future! This course will teach students how to program and assemble basic electromechanical machines through parts kits and utilizing the computing power of microcontrollers.

3D Printing

Students will be able to learn how to design 3D models using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and turn these virtual models into physical pieces.

Computer Engineering

Get a head start on coding! In this introductory course, students will learn the basics of coding through easy-to-digest lessons.

Mentoring at College Tribe

College Tribe prepares participants for the real world by providing them with access to mentors who have attained varying levels of success. 
Because success comes in various formats, mentors include entrepreneurs, college graduates, high performing high school students and graduates, active or veterans of all military branches, political leaders, and more.  Gaining access to a diverse group of mentors provides our participants with and endless level of possibilities and insight into who they can aim to be as they learn and grow.  
Interested in becoming a respected voice in the lives of our participants?  Registration for mentorship is available using the link below.

It’s more than books... It’s brotherhood!

A book club designed to inspire a lifelong passion for reading that creates valuable opportunities to build relationships and self esteem for boys of color, their families and communities.

STREAM Programs have Begun!